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Congratulation to our successful removement to new plant in October, 2012 ... .  We become the qualified supplier of CNPC for multiphase twin-screw pump
Multiphase Twin-screw Pump
Single-screw pump
Rotor Pump
Twin-screw Pump

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Company Introduction
Tianjin Sunmoon Pump Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 locating at Tianjin which is Chinese industrial base with long history. Tianjin Sunmoon is a science and technology entity integrated with R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The main products are double suction twin-screw pump, single suction twin-screw pump, single- screw pump, rotor pump, gear pump and related accessories and maintenance services. ...[查看详细]
Single Screw Pump
Single Screw Pump
Single Suction Screw Pump
Twin Screw Pump
Thermal Insultion Pump 
Multiphase Pump
Vertical Twin Screw Pump
Dynamite Pump
Slurry Pump
Rotors of Slurry Pump
Stainless Steel Pump
Vertical Flow Pump
Rotor Pump
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